NY Diggin vol.2: Minimal

BLKMARKET MUSIC - Cesare vs Disorder

BLKMARKET MUSIC - Cesare vs Disorder

Every week, we head to one of our favorite vinyl shops in New York and bring back one EP from our digging session. Today, Brouqueline went hunting for minimal techno at the venerable Brooklyn record shop Halcyon.

We entered the shop with one challenge in mind: our picks had to come from New York-based labels or artists. And the hunt went so well that we couldn’t stick to only one EP. So we came up with a selection.

1st pick: BLKMARKET MUSIC is a NY-based techno label that is only 6 months old but already counts 4 releases and some true gems among them. From the label's 1st release produced by Cesar vs Disorder, « Luz » is a track that takes us for a dreamy and groovy trip, guided by twisted voices and a relentless bassline. Fairy bells are floating around keeping us in suspension.

2nd pick: From the same EP, « Sem Dormir » is more mental and has superb percussion details, reminiscing of some of Traumer’s best tracks. Its beauty lays in the small surprises that happen all along the track, creating a state of hypnosis.

3rd pick: Our second release is also from BLKMARKET MUSIC and is from rising DJ and producer Vagara, who crosses minimal and electro on this EP. With synth layers and bleeps added on top of a minimal pattern, he manages to build a solid playful track.

4th pick: Our last pick is a great closing track. It is by Copenhagen-Born, New York-based artist Emil Bovbjerg, aka Varav on the NY-based label Ninetofire. « Love U » is a 10-minute ode to dreamy minimal techno, a melancholic ballad in endless landscapes with subtile nods to jazz along the way.

See you next week!

Emile Bruant